Waste Management

EKS are able to offer a number of services for businesses and local authorities, helping you to meet your responsibilities for waste management.

Waste Audit

We can assess your waste arisings and advice on the best segregation, containment, and disposal options to ensure comply with legal requirements and ensuring you receive the best value for money from your waste disposal provider.

On-site TCM Cover

As holder of WAMITAB CoTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) qualifications, EKS can provide on-site, Technical Competent Manager (TCM) cover in line with the requirements of your permitted waste management operations. EKS can offer hazardous / non-hazardous treatment, hazardous / non-hazardous transfer, and hazardous / non-hazardous landfill TCM cover. As your TCM, EKS can liaise with the Environment Agency and manage your Environmental Permit requirements.

Tailored Training

employees of their legal, moral and organisational duties towards waste management and Duty of Care.

We are certified WAMITAB Assessors so we can deliver assessment for candidates wanting to gain WAMITAB work-based qualifications and apprenticeships.